Dr. Francine Roberts Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist - Company Message


      Bending Not Breaking                                   

It is natural to want to share our experiences. We search for someone who can understand what we've been through. Talking together we find fresh perspectives, identify solutions, develop new skills and build resilience.

I offer counseling in a comfortable, private setting. When we begin working together you are "on my watch". You are given my phone, email, and text contact information and encouraged to access support anytime. I am fortunate to have studied with great teachers and can bring a unique perspective to treatment. Clients frequently report excellent results, some after just a few sessions. 

Specializing in:     stress reduction
                              trauma and critical incidents
                              health and medical conditions
                              relationship and family difficulties
                              career development
                              life transitions
                              active duty/veteran military & military families
Reasonable fees that make therapy affordable.  Appointments tailored to your schedule. Weekends and evening's available. Multiple treatment modalities including traditional talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,  and integrative care. It is often tough to make that first call.  Dr. Roberts responds promptly to calls or emails for an initial consultation and is happy to discuss your goals and concerns. 

Asking for help can be a challenge. Clients are pleasantly surprised when they find a place that is welcoming to discuss private concerns. Let's discuss what you're looking for and the changes you'd like to make.

"There's a difference between giving up and knowing you've had enough.  And when you hit that place, Remember, I'm right here."
Rev. Dan Schaffer (2018)