Dr. Francine Roberts Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist - Company Message

When you join our practice we provide you with access to support at any time.  You are given the therapist's personal phone number and email address.  Texts messages, emails, and phone calls are encouraged.  Contact is  welcomed during daytime and evening hours and messages will be responded to promptly. Always CALL if it is urgent.  24 hours a day, you will get a response.

During sessions, you will receive the therapist's full attention and focus on your specific concerns.  Goals for therapy and satisfaction with treatment will be evaluated by you and the therapist.  Most people achieve progress.

The cost of a session is $95.  Sessions last 60-75 minutes.  We encourage meeting weekly for best results.  We do not accept insurance. Ask about the benefits of paying for therapy privately. 

Many clients receive reimbursement for sessions by submitting a receipt. Higher deductibles and co-pays have made fee for service treatment the norm. Our goal is to make therapy affordable.

Our office accepts all major credit cards to assist with financing