Dr. Francine Roberts Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist - Company Message

Each person has unique goals for therapy.  A skilled therapist brings a broad knowledge base gained from study, clinical and personal experiences.  This perspective allows a collaboration to to find your personal solutions.  A well prepared therapist understands just how challenging life can be and will help you find what works for you.  

Sessions often begin with the therapist asking..."How can I be helpful?"  Your job is to talk about what's on your mind.  The goals of therapy might include increased confidence, solutions to work or relationship issues, habit changes, or improved mood.  Sometimes there are traumatic events that need to be put in perspective. Therapy moves forward more quickly when you talk openly about concerns and consider perspectives the therapist may offer.
While therapy may appear to be a casual conversation, it is so much more.  You can expect the therapist's full attention, without bias or agenda, protected by confidentiality. It is a partnership designed to help you reach your personal goals.  It is a guided exploration of your strengths, an opportunity to learn new ideas, alter perspectives and connect with resources.  Counseling can help you reach your full potential.