Dr. Francine Roberts Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist - Company Message

  • Brief Focused Therapy
4-6 Sessions, Focused on specific issues. Designed to resolve immediate areas of concern.

  • Psychotherapy
Regular ongoing meetings designed to address complex or developmental issues. Assistance with anxiety, depression, substance dependence, chronic or acute illness, family stresses.

  • Clinical Hypnosis
Deep relaxation induction to stimulate receptiveness for behavioral and thought pattern changes. Designed to address specific symptoms including smoking, social anxiety, weight loss, and compulsive behaviors.

  • Couples Therapy
Methods for resolving relationship issues.

  • Assessment
Use of interviews and specific assessment techniques to determine areas of strength or limitation and to suggest methods for remediation.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive Reprocessing Therapy
12 session VA approved structured therapy designed to address specific symptoms related to traumatic events.  Proven techniques for reducing symptoms. 

  • Critical Incident Stress Management
with individual and departmental incidents using a comprehensive model supported by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Peer to peer support, individual support, defusing, demobilization and debriefing using resources including Alpha Critical Incident Response Team.  Specific services for first responders: firefighters, police, corrections, ems. 

  • Distance sessions
Skype sessions available to New Jersey residents.  Benefits of personalized therapy sessions without the difficulty of travel.

  • Home visits for clients who have difficulty with travel and mobility.

  • Classes and seminars
Group and departmental classes are available on a wide range of behavioral health issues.  Presentations are tailored to the learning needs of the audience and can include subjects such as Resilience, Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, or specific mental health topics.  Dr. Roberts routinely receives excellent reviews for presentations to police, fire and hospital departments.