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Please feel free to contact me

through calls, emails or text.


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Calls/emails/texts will be responded to promptly. I respond personally to all calls.  Because of the demands on my time I will often call you back within the hour if i see you've left a voicemail requesting consultation.  At most I will return your call within 24 hours. Too often I hear of someone who's gone looking for a therapist and frequently report getting "crickets".... in other words, never hearing back from the therapist.  I will do my best to reach you.

If it is urgent that we speak, even if you are a new client, please call, leave a voicemail message, hang up.  Call back, leave a second voicemail message, hang up. When I see two voicemail messages I will interrupt what I am doing as soon as I'm able to respond. If I am in session I may not have long to talk but we can arrange to talk by phone later that day.

If I do not offer what you are looking for, I am frequently able to refer to a colleague that does specialize in your particular concern.

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