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Fees and Policies

My fee is $110 per session.  Sessions run from 60 - 75 minutes. I do not accept insurance. Many clients are able to receive reimbursement from out of network benefits.  I am happy to assist you by providing a statement of services and a receipt for payment to be submitted.

Payment is due at the time of the session.  I am able to take credit cards, health savings cards, cash or check for your convenience.

There are many benefits to paying for psychotherapy privately.  For example, any record of our work has an added layer of privacy because health administrators are not processing financial claims, that must by law carry a diagnosis.  We are able to meet for as many sessions as you desire, as often as you desire without having to adhere to pre-authorizations or medical necessity justification for services. High deductibles and larger co-pays mean that much of your costs will be out of pocket anyway.  I have worked to keep fees reasonable so that quality mental health care can be accessed by anyone that wants to grow, develop and make changes.


The fee for my service includes support both in and outside of sessions.  I am available to you 24 hours per day for emergencies. If it is urgent that we speak, call 513-379-7935, leave a message, hang up.  Call the same number, leave a second message, hang up.  I will interrupt what I am doing in order to respond to you.  

If you require written documentation of our work such as a report, medical leave or disability claims 

there will be a charge of my usual hourly rate.

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